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US Students Visit KMCT Ayurveda Hospital

A group of ten persons consisting of teachers and students from Findlay University, USA visited KMCT Ayurveda Hospital, Manassery to experience Ayurveda treatments and to deepen their knowledge on Ayurveda.

Dr Finbe Baby, Dr Sreelakshmi, Dr Dhanya Murali, Dr Dinesh Kumar, Dr Sudev C, Dr Nidhin , Dr Sugeena, and Ayurvedic consultants at KMCT Ayurveda Hospital, taught the students about the basics of Ayurveda medicine, Panchkarma and different therapies. The visitors were explained about various kinds of treatment in Ayurveda as well.

The students were delighted to share the enriching experience and appreciated the learning during their stay at KMCT Ayurveda Hospital.