The Strirog & Prasuti Department is another major department of KMCT Ayurveda Medical College. Students get to learn about a wide range of cases through the inpatients and outpatients at the KMCT Ayurveda Hospital in the Campus.

Prasuthitanthra deals with pregnancy and labour including preconception care. It focuses on measures to maintain a healthy pregnancy, management of various ailments affecting the pregnant woman, care during delivery and post natal care.

Sthreeroga deals with various gynaecological disorders affecting the woman in her different stages of life (menarche to menopause). The management of these disorders with Ayurvedic medicines along with various gynaecological procedures like medicinal tampons etc. give complete cure & prevention.

We have a team of dedicated and compassionate faculty who put their heart and soul to impart all that they have accumulated and learnt over the years to the students.



Asst. Professor

Assistant Professor